Speaking aloud

3rd August 2020 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

So, I have a few things planned for what I want to achieve soon:

I have to rework my Commission sheets as they are outdated, I want to have the commissions to favour the people that help me out on other platforms so I have it planned that Twitch subscribers will get a discount depending on what tier they are (people who were gifted subs will also gain the discount). I haven’t thought about making a Patreon page anytime soon but the same rule with a discount will apply if I ever make one.
I’m also considering making animated art commissions too in the future, but I’m still relatively new with the concept of animation so I’ll keep practising and consider the possibility.

Because of my new hobby of animation, I’ve been thinking of looking for more social media to post to as the ones I use tend to have limitations and normally require me to convert it into another format.

I got to sort out my YouTube channels too as I haven’t uploaded anything in awhile, though I’ve messing around with Hit Film a lot recently so it should’t take too long before I start posting again.

So this was nice to get off my chest, even if I’m just babbling to myself. We’ll see if I keep making post like these in the near future.