Gat-Pon Alpha out now!!!

2nd August 2023 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

A week late but now you can give the alpha version of Gat-Pon a whirl!

Thank you to those who have already given the game a go! Your feedback and kind words really does go a long way! The game is playable on

I don’t wanna retype what I’ve said in the video, so instead, I’m gonna talk about the collectable creatures in the Alpha and what inspired them:

#001 Igkyru / #002 Neroki

I’ve gotta talk about Igkyru and Neroki together as they both started as the same creature at some point, but then got split into two as time when on. Igkyru is laid-back and Neroki is the more serious one, I wanted them to have a Sonic/Shadow dynamic about them. Their names even reflect this as their names are references to Spikes & Jakes/Buzzs Japanese names from Ape Escape being Kakeru & Hiroki respectfully.

#003 Trinket

Trinket is an interesting one as she has multiple inspirations, Her design is mostly inspired by lots of PS2 heroines like Keira from the Jak & Daxter franchise, Malice from… well Malice as well as other characters. She’s actually a really old character of mine that I created years ago, though she never had a name or a story beyond drawing her twice before, though she got drastically redesigned. One of my friends ‘Dum-Dum‘ helped out with Trinkets design (thanks Dum!)

#004 Ravadee

I knew early on I wanted one of my more existing characters to be featured in the game in some sort of way, what I originally wanted to do was make an Avadee parody make it into the game, but then I decided just to turn her into a rabbit. This idea wouldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for ‘Serioussam91’ making fan-art of Avadee as a bunny (thanks Sam!)

#005 Seta

Seta was mainly inspired by Betilla from the Rayman franchise as well as a British TV show called ‘Noddy’ (this is the 2nd time I’ve drawn character inspiration from British media) . I’ve been having a small fixation on the whole ‘Mushroom core’ aesthetic which led to Seta being created. Fun fact, Setas name means Mushroom in Spanish.

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