Summary of 2020 and what’s planned for 2021?

4th January 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

Well, where to begin? 2020 was a year that has been… An interesting one for a lot of people with the majority calling it one of the worst years period.

So how did 2020 go?

For me? Well yeah, it hasn’t been the best year that’s for sure, but it hasn’t been worst for me either. This has gotta be the most mixed bag year I’ve ever had. Due to the current state of the world, I adapted and made my move:

First things first, the best thing I did in 2020 was to make, I wish it was something I did years ago.
Sometime in the future, I want to create a post/video on why you (yes, you!) should make one too, it’s such a useful tool in so many aspects and is only limited by your imagination, I will continue to update with the latest news and everything in between for the foreseeable future.

I also created a new YouTube channel in 2020 that works together as one with the Blogging side of with the idea of the YouTube channel being it’s Vlogging counterpart, though the channel is still in its infancy stage, I feel like it’s good to try some new ideas out as I’m planning on expanding/experimenting with other content.

Music-wise 2020 was the venture of some new tracks on the road for my 5th EP (Codename Avadee).
On the subject of my character Avadee, she was also created in 2020 for the purpose of being my dedicated mascot for my music releases.

The concept of Avadee
3D Dreams model of Avadee

As a summary for 2020, it has been a rotten year I will admit but I didn’t let it interrupt my flow too much. Despite not being able to get specific things done that I would have loved to do, I still fought through it and gave it all I got!
I heard a story of an artist on Twitter calling 2020 their best year and honestly, my hat is off to them! They didn’t use it as an excuse to not get anything done and they clearly put in 110% and it shows!
(I wish I saved their post and link it here, honestly it was so inspiring to see)

So what’s planned for 2021?

Well, first things first I wanna get a bunch of things done both online and the real world. One thing I’d love to do is learn how to drive but I’m in no rush as we’re still dealing with the 2020 aftermath.

My usual art, music and Twitch streaming will still be apart of my routine. I have merchandise, EPs and some special streaming events planned so I’ll keep you posted with that as always. I do have some Music and Twitch news but I feel like they deserve their own post so be sure to check it out down below!

  1. Music on other platforms
  2. New Twitch Schedule

As mentioned above with my new YouTube channel, I wanna try and start posting more frequently as well as experimenting with new content than just Vlogging

Ideas include:

  • Video reactions
  • Unboxing/building
  • Reviews
  • Top 5/10 lists (reviews on interests / why you should…)
  • And possibly more

This year I want to expand my list of hobbies, for awhile I’ve been wanting to learn a new instrument as it’s been quite some time since I’ve played one with the drums being my first ever instrument I’ve played and also being one of the last (shout out to my short time playing the steel pans I guess)

The instrument in question I would love to learn is the Upright Bass / Double Bass and the reason is that I’ve been appreciating more jazzy tracks lately and I love how the Bass sounds in Jazz tracks (especially when it has a Jungle/Drum and Bass flavour to it) I feel like learning a new instrument may give me a new insight on how to produce music. I would want to see if I could play a said instrument first before purchasing so it would be ideal to find some sort of music club and see where it leads me.

I also want to learn more art skills this year too, I’ve been getting more into 2D animation and I would like to give it a shot in a 3D space.

With the 2D animations, I’m still thinking of providing them as a service you can commission from me, but I still want to practice a bit more before I list it as an option.

Technically I’ve had somewhat of an experience with Dreams on the PS4 with 3D modelling and animation but I want to use the 3D assets I create and use them for other things I have in the pipeline. I’ve used ZBrush in the past to make 3D models but didn’t really get that far. As for the 3D animation aspect, I’ll have to look into some software such as Blender or Maya and see if I can get into it.

This year is gonna be an interesting one to say the least, whatever you guys have planned, I wish you all the luck in the world! You’ve survived arguably the worst year ever and its time for everyone to prepare for 2021!

Let’s get this year started shall we? 😎