Avadee Animated Emotes + New Emote Commission/Store info soon!

7th December 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

Results from yesterday’s stream on Twitch, two animated emotes of my character Avadee

This is the first time I’ve used Moho Animation to make emotes, the application is a dream come true as it exports straight to GIF formats ready to publish whereas my current video editing software does no such thing (It might be time to switch and look for other video editing software that can export straight to GIF?)
I’m potentially going to make more animated emotes for my Twitch channel whether Avadee will fill the rest of the slots is up in the air. These two took me approximately 3 days total to finish, from sketch to finished product.

This is essentially a little test for future things to come for both my commissions and my newly opened store:

I already have commissions options for animated character stuff but not necessarily for animated emotes, I’m also planning on making animated emote commission bundles that feature different packs depending on what is needed. I also need to whip up a commission sheet or two for custom stream overlay stuff as well.

Animated Commission sheet

Similarly, the shop will be the same offering different emote bundles both for static and animated emotes.

It’s uncertain when I’ll get everything mentioned above sorted but I’ll say it’ll be done by early 2022 next year at the latest.
Talking about 2022, it’s almost time for my 2021 summary post. It’ll be interesting comparing it to 2020 as well, expect to see that very soon too
I have a lot to talk about!

Any questions about commissions or absolutely anything else, be sure to contact me!

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