A boy who transforms into a bomb!? 💣

So recently I entered the Pizza game jam along with abluehuman, we were tasked to make a game in 10 days and submit it to itch.io.

abluehuman handled the art/animation, character design, sprites and music and I handled the programming, UI/UX, logo design and SFX

abluehuman was very engaging and fun to work with, I originally asked him if he was up for the jam as we had a similar skill set when it comes to our hobbies and felt we could share roles and responsibilities equally and fair. We came 5th overall, I am very happy with our results despite it being my very first game jam entry and I will participate in more game jams in the future!

.When it came down to it, I’m very glad I reached out to him to participate in the jam and I’d work with him again if he’s down!
If you haven’t already, please be sure to check out abluehuman 👀

The game is available to play on GDGames, Itch.io and Newgrounds. It’s playable in browsers and on Android devices.

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