2023 is here!

It’s a brand new year so let’s get this year started with some original art! It’s the year of the rabbit, so why not draw BubbleGum in a bunny costume? Seems like a no-brainer

BubbleGum Bunny

Do you believe that I only wanted to keep this as a sketch? I got too into it and added a background and everything. I wanted to try and draw her without her hat, I also decided to give her braces

Here’s some more miscellaneous art of BubbleGum I never made a concrete post for, the reason for this is that I was (and still currently) in the process of designing an album cover for the game I’m working on.

Here are some logo designs for the game, the game was going to be called “Cap-pon: Capsule Creatures” though I think the game name still needs some work, though I do like the design of said logos and will bare these logos in mind going forward.

Game logo concepts

And last but not least, I decided to rebrand my socials slightly with some new logos based on Avadee, long ago I wanted Avadee to be the face of all my major music productions so I felt like this change was needed.

Avadee icon

2023 has just begun and I can’t wait to get this year started!

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