Casi, but what if…

19th October 2020 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)
Casi comparisons (Drag me!)

Ape Escape is on the brain again so I thought I’d mix it up when I normally draw her Casi. I’m gonna sound like a broken record but I’m still waiting for a revival for Ape Escape, like literally anything I’m so desperate!

I wasn’t really trying to go for a Y2K style but I guess it just kinda happened? I’ll have to purposely try and make something in that style and see what we get at the end result.

I made 3 versions of Casi because you can never have enough Casi amiright?

I dunno why I always meme when I draw Casi.

I’ve been thinking about this incarnation of Casi, I gotta do something about that…

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