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Yeah, it’s that time again where I have a Casi phase where I make a lot of Ape Escape art and music 👀

I think the first time I redesigned Casi, I think it drew too much inspiration from the concept art, but for the first time I actually feel like this is MY design and I’m glad I feel like I’ve finally figured it out! (I say this now, sometime in the future she’ll probably get redesigned again)

Normally when I make art, I draw the character first and then make the background afterwards. But this time the opposite was true, I just really wanted to make a Y2K background at the time and I think I was listening to the Ape Escape OST as well, you can probably understand what happened next 👀

I also purchased some new brushes for Procreate that were used for sketching Casi and hot diggity damn! They are one of the best brush packs I’ve ever purchased!

Also, you’ll be seeing this particular image of Casi again very soon, it all depends on how quickly I get things finished.

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