It’s Casi again! πŸ‘€

7th November 2020 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

As stated in my other Casi post, I’ve been thinking of the redesign I created for Casi from Ape Escape early this year and I needed to draw it again!

Casi (late 2020)
Casi Redesign (early 2020)

I can’t take full credit for creating this re-designed Casi as most of the inspiration comes from early Ape Escape concepts that were unlockable in Ape Escape 2!

Ape Escape Concepts of Casi

I’ve been using Affinity Designer a lot recently and it’s honestly an interesting way to approach art whereas I’ve only really been using Procreate to create art! (I still used Procreate to create the Sketch as the drafting process feels way better)

One day, I’ll actually start drawing the rest of the Ape Escape cast 🐡

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