Klonoa – The Dream Traveller [UPDATED]

22nd May 2022 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

[UPDATE – 22/5/22]

I was in the mood to make some Klonoa logo concepts

Klonoa Logo concepts

I even revisited my Klonoa work that I did in February, it’s rare for me to come back to my older work to touch them up. The two new additions to the animation were some minor BG arrangements, an animated Breezgale icon and an animated custom Klonoa logo that I handcrafted.

Beats from above (ST91 – Energy RMX) by System ST91

As I stated in February in the post, I did want to animate the background elements. I decided against it as the Klonoa & Breezgale logo was enough as I felt too many animated elements might be too much on one screen.

Oh, and here’s the incredibly late wallpaper that I promised:

Klonoa wallpaper [link soon]

[ORIGINAL POST – 13/2/22]

It’s a dream come true, from Nintendos direct a few days ago Bandai Namco announced ‘Klonoa phantasy reverie series’ for the franchises 25th anniversary!

Beats from above (ST91 – Energy RMX) by System ST91

Not gonna lie, it completely caught me off guard. The last time we’ve seen Klonoa in his own game was 2008 on the Wii, it’s been years since we’ve seen a game from our dream scoundrel!

Though I’m absolutely over the moon to see Klonoa again, the model used for Klonoa in the Door to Phantomile remake looks kinda off. Though it’s still early days and doesn’t release till July so hopefully, they’ll adjust the model till then. It’s also a shame that even after all these years the cutscenes don’t look as expressive as the CGI cutscenes did on the PS1. The Door to Phatomile remake seems like it’s built from the Wii versions architecture with tweaks here and there, though not gonna lie I did like his redesign on the Wii. On the bright side, Klonoa in Lunateas Veil looks just perfect as I remembered him.

Procreate Sketch Preview
Klonoa 1 Moho preview
Klonoa 2 Moho preview

I wanted to animate the background and make the Pac-Men (is that the right word?) move in the direction they are facing independently. I also wanted to make a Klonoa title logo but I couldn’t find the logo font used to make them, so I might try and make some Klonoa logos from scratch one day.

Honestly, July can’t come quick enough!

(I’ll post the animated wallpapers here soon when I get time)

Klonoa – The Dream Traveller

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