Here’s my new character BubbleGum: She’s going to be a part of a pretty important role in … something for the future!

Her real name is Zambari, but she likes to go by BubbleGum or just Gum for short. She has a strange obsession for… Gatcha machines???

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything on my blog, sorry for the lack of any updates…

Unfortunately, I can’t say too much yet as I want to make sure what I’ve been working on is up to a particular quality to show. So you’ll have to sit tight for now!
Here are some concepts of her for now, I knew from the start that she was going to have freckles and wear a beret:

Funny enough, this is the 2nd character I’ve created this year, the 1st character unfortunately has taken a backseat… for now.
Also, this is the first art using Affinity Designer Ver2 for iPad, love the new features and can’t wait to see what the Serif team have planned for it during the next few years!

I also haven’t forgotten about the next upcoming EP/Album, you should be hearing some new tunes from me soon! 🎵

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