It’s been about 2 years since I saw Nessa’s design for the first time and fell completely head over heels over her. There was one other Nintendo lady before Nessa that got me mesmerised the first moment I saw her, any ideas about who it is?

♪ Boutique – Pokémon Sword and Shield OST ♪

This is normally the part of the blog post where I tell you the reason I made this but honestly, I just wanted another excuse to draw/animate Nessa.

Nessa throwing the Pokeball in the air was an idea I had but wanted to experiment in advance to see if it was possible to animate with my sort of experience with Moho Animation.
So I wanted to test out my idea beforehand to see if it was possible or not. I thought someone as iconic as Red would be a perfect test subject!

Red Animation Test

This animation would have been released a lot earlier, but the universe had different plans (one of them making my computer not turn on and giving me a mini heart attack)

Though I must admit, I’m really liking my backgrounds lately, I feel like they definitely have that Y2K vibe about them which is always a plus in my books in my opinion.

Who’s next in line to be animated? Who knows? Though I’ve seen some pretty impressive Rivet concepts that I want to give a shot at in my own style, I don’t think I’ll animate it though but never say never!

Behind the scenes:

This is my very first animation that used Moho Pro’s particle system to animate the bubbles, it looks like it is a very powerful system if used in the right way. Looking back at the animation, I feel like some of the hair could have used more bones to help it look more natural in its movements.
That’s just scratching the surface of what Moho can do, I’m super eager to see what else Moho has under the hood!


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