E-Lab Samples – Sounds that crafted the Ratchet & Clank OST

6th February 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

So a week or ago, YouTube suggested something to me that I have been looking for years…

Video by Yewlyn, check out their vids!

The E-Lab sample series were the very same ones used by David Bergeaud when he was making the Ratchet & Clank soundtracks!

I tried to contact David Bergeaud directly years ago and he did respond but unfortunately he couldn’t remember which tools/samples he used while crafting the R&C tracks.

On a side note as I’ve been listening through these samples and I discovered that June Chikuma definitely used this pack when she made the Bomberman soundtracks in the 90’s, especially Bomberman World on the PS1. (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them in the Sonic CD JPN OST too)

I found the samples at this blog site here.


I saved you the liberty of going through some dodgy sites and ads to retrieve these. You can download them below through Mega

The download includes:

  • X Static Goldmine 1-5
  • XTC Files of Jungle


(If the link is broken, be sure to message down below so I can fix it)

I’m still on the look out for “Ballistix Phatboy Beats and Chemical Treats” as well as other sample packs but I wanted to get this post out as quickly as possible, I’ll update this post if I stumble across more.

To my knowledge, some of these samples have been discontinued for quite some time so even if you wanted to purchase them, it would be virtually impossible. So when it comes to the usage of these samples is up in the air, though you should be fine to use them in your own creations, maybe…

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