Spyro Samples & Instruments [UPDATE]

23rd March 2022 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

So YouTube has blessed me again with some super cool knowledge regarding Spyro Enter the Dragonfly music and its development history.

A couple of weeks back, I found a short video about cut Spyro 3 content by Mr.FO1 and then I fell into a rabbit-hole of absolute Spyro GOLD!

One of the things I found out is that majority of SpyroEtD was not primarily composed by Stewart Copeland in fact, most of EtD was composed by Peter Neff & Kenneth Burgomaster, Copeland came late into ETD development to help with the tracks and make them sound closer to the original PS1 trilogy.
It’s crazy to think that Spyro EtD soundtrack wasn’t primarily made by Stewart Copeland as it’s my favourite Spyro soundtrack of all time, so my hats are off to you Peter & Kenneth as well as Stewart for making such a banging soundtrack! 🎵

I wanna try and keep this post on subject so the vids below me are previews of the samples:

There’s also Spyro a Hero’s Tail Samples here:

A few years ago, I also found out that some individuals made a Spyro Soundfont made specifically to perfectly replicate the iconic Copeland sound.

I tried my hand at trying to make my own Spyro inspired track many moons but I didn’t get very far and never attempted to make another track. (If I end up finding the project file, I’ll upload it here)

Now recently blessed with the knowledge of Spyro EtD/aHT samples combined with the Soundfont, I’ll have to attempt at making a Spyro track again sometime soon.

I might update this post and write more in detail about where both the OG and ETD samples come from in the future.

[UPDATE 23/3/22]

The Spyro SoundFont Collection got updated again!

I have yet to try out the new samples but god damn, I have no excuse not to give it a shot! I will try and give another shot at making Spyro music eventually!

Folks you should be thanking:
TDawg224 (couldn’t find a solid profile)

Links & Downloads:

Spyro Soundfont Collection V2.0 (MEGA)
Spyro Soundfont Collection V1.2 (Media Fire)
Enter the Dragonfly Samples (Google Drive)
A Hero’s Tail Samples (Google Drive)

(Be sure to write a message if any links are broken, I’ll update this post if more samples turn up)

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