Crash & Coco Animation [Updated]

29th August 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

It’s ya boi Teck, back at it again with another animation for you!

So there was some sort of challenge on Twitter where you redraw Charles Zembillas in your own style.
I’m pretty sure the challenge was to also redesign Crash and Coco if they ever appeared in Crash 5 or something along those lines (of course I’d be the one to take it waaaay too far and animate it as well)

The challenge started around July-ish time so I’m super late, but who is surprised?

Crash and Coco Concept art by Charles Zembillas

I’m a sucker for nostalgia, so a lot of the inspiration came from 3D promotional renders from the Crash games as well as other miscellaneous inspiration sources.
I gave them both watches built by Coco herself as a means for the two to communicate with one another as it refects both their personalities (Coco’s tinkering side and Crash’s rare inability to act on his own with others giving him orders)
Fun little fact, the watch design was inspired by the Crash Bandicoot: Warped title screen.

Crash’s design was also inspired by his Skylanders Imaginators appearance, that design is seriously slept on and it hurts.
Coco’s design was has a mix of her OG and NST appearance as well as my own tiny flare here and there.

Sketch created in Procreate
Illustration created in Affinity Designer
Crash Bandicoot Moho preview
Crash Bandicoot Moho Blinking preview
Coco Bandicoot Moho preview
Coco Bandicoot Moho Blinking preview

This is my second animation project done in Moho Pro and I think I’m in love with the software, it is without a doubt gonna be my go-to for animating this kinda stuff ❤

By the time I post this, animated commissions should be up and live too! So be sure to check out the new Commission Page for all the details!

Here is the animated wallpaper preview:

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