Fracture Hills Faun [2021 Update]

28th August 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

28th August 2020 (Original post)

Funny story, this was meant to be the base for my new commission sheet but I totally forgot about it as I was having too much fun with this.

Spinner the Faun (2020)
Spinner the Faun GIF (2020)
Spinner the Faun Image

Now I gotta draw something else and be super conscious that it’s going to be used for my future commission sheets 😅

28th August 2021 (Update post)

Well well well, I was thinking about updating this animation by snazzing it up and giving it a new background, as well as adding this to my slowly growing wallpaper collection. Funny thing is that I never intended to do it on the 1 year anniversary that I uploaded the original online!

I noticed I used to hold back and talk about how the art came to be and what inspired it, I not long built and I was still getting used to running a website as it was a brand new experience for me.

Spinner the Faun (2021)

It’s kinda surreal looking back at this, I just looked at her and said to myself “Huh, I could animate this” and then proceeded to look up YouTube tutorials on how to animate in HitFilm Pro.

So the “snazzed up” elements I added was a custom background made in Affinity Designer, visual effects & clean up in Hitfilm Pro and a custom photo used with a special Spyro Reignited Trilogy mod by InfinateXtremer!
The mod can be found here:

Cinematic Tools addon mod

2D animation of Spinner from Spyro Reignited Trilogy (2021)

This was the project that got me curious about illustrative animation and vectoring as a whole, it kickstarted quite a few things as well as brand new hobbies of mine which a year later I am still enjoying a bunch.
I can’t wait to animate more in the future now that I have the dedicated software for it!

Now I’m hungry to make more animated Spyro content, Elora, Bianca or even Hunter next perhaps? Guess we’ll see 👀

Wallpaper Preview

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