— Project Casi [Finished(?)] – [Updated] —

23rd August 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

I’m not obsessed with Casi I promise 👀

Recently I discovered that there was an outfit that Casi wore in the Ape Escape Anime. Surprisingly, I think this is one of the best costumes Casi has ever worn! (I might have to back to the drawing board with my Casi redesign)

I’m thinking this is the end for now with the Casi project I was working on? It took a shift from 3D animation to 2D animation, I thought it made sense to make it in 2D as that’s where I’m in my element.
I animated Casi and the monkey using an animation software called ‘Moho Animation Pro’. For the first time using Moho properly, I am very happy with the results and I’ll be very excited to continue to use it.

Even more so, I’ll be setting up a proper animated commission sheet in the near future so be on the lookout for that!

Music by Soichi Terada (Ape Escape: Million Monkies)

Music Remixed by me
Music Originally by Soichi Terada
Wanna listen to the full version? Check out my Jake’s challenge remix post!

There is also a 3rd animated version of this, but it’ll be used for my stream outros!
(So be sure to catch me on Twitch.tv if ya know what I’m sayin’ 😎)

The 3D Project Casi isn’t fully dead by any means, I just noticed that the 3D model was very poorly optimised and could be reworked heavily. I will return to the 3D Casi model eventually.
Until then, I’ll have to get back into ZBrush or Dreams again and flex my 3D muscles 💪

And I will create an animated wallpaper for the Wallpaper Engine soon, I wanna keep that a tradition but I’ve been working on this animation for almost 2 days straight. My only breaks were eating and sleeping no joke!

Update [August 2021]:

Here is the late wallpaper:

I might offer a watermark-free version as a premium option sometime in the future maybe through Patreon or something? Maybe even an option to download HD video quality? Maaaybe?

If you have Wallpaper Engine on Steam, you can view it here and set the wallpaper.

Browse through all of my Animated Wallpapers:

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[Premium]Preview/List of Animated Wallpapers

Support me on Patreon and get the wallpapers without the pesky watermark + access to high-quality (1920×1080) MP4 files via mega:

Here is some behind the scenes stuff in Moho Pro that I forgot to post:

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