So it’s very evident that Ape Escape is still on the brain and I think it isn’t going to stop anytime soon.
I have been working on a special mini-project that will put my Vectoring, Music, Animating and my new 3D Modeling skills to the test!

Ape Escape Level intro Mock-up

The mock-up got created just because I wanted to recreate the Twister portal when you enter a level in Ape Escape, and then it just kinda accidentally evolved from there.

Here is the progress of my Casi model so far, she still needs tweaking here and there:

To give the project its own unique flair, I created my own Ape Escape inspired Logo(s):

Download link to Logos here

I even created a Remix, here’s a little taste of it so far:
Jakes’s Challenge / Stadium Attack Remix WIP

This project is still in its infancy stage but I can’t wait till it’s completed!


So as soon as I posted the logos, someone reached out to me for it to be the official logo for the Ape Escape page 👀

You can see it here:

(RIP, it got replaced)


The Casi Project has been completed! View the post here!
Listen to the full remix song here!

Casi animation from Ape Escape

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