CTR Nitro-fueled 3rd anniversary + Wumpa-fueled leak

22nd June 2022 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

Late post but it’s CTR NFs birthday this month!

CTR Nitro-Fueled 3rd Anniversary

It’s kinda hard to believe CTR is this old already, it feels like I was only playing it for the first time not too long ago! I probably would have missed the anniversary if it wasn’t for one of my friends who suggested we should connect with old friends and play it again, I’m glad they reached out and suggested it!

While I was creating the anniversary logo for CTR, I also had the so-called “Wumpa League” project in my head and thought it would be cool if this multiplayer game was a sequel to CTR? Then I got to work making the leak:

The background was fun to make too, I missed the original animated BG found in the OG PSX but I love the blue theming that NF introduced and I wanted to mash the two concepts together

Looking back at my other CTR fan-art, it’s crazy to see how far I’ve improved my craft

But most of all, thanks to Beenox for doing justice to Naughty Dog’s original CTR and making one of the best kart racers I’ve ever played. I’m also thankful for all the souls I’ve met because of this game alone, it certainly has been a rollercoaster! I’m super excited to see what’s next in store for our bandicoot fiend and more importantly his purple dragon bestie!

Nitro Squad ~ CTR: Nitro-Fueled

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