Been a while since I’ve made proper art of these two, feels good that I’ve actually done it!

Truth be told, I was gonna just gonna leave it as a sketch but then I made a background and then I felt like I had no other choice other than to finish the drawing. (I might upload the BG itself without the two as I am happy with how it turned out)

The drawing was inspired by my Dreams creation of the two that I made last year (I think?), I was messing around with them early this year and decided to pose them.

Tycro & Iris in Dreams PS4

These two were my very first personal character, pretty sure these two are now well over 10+ years old!

Tycro & Iris 2019

These two are always a ton of fun to draw and think of stories for them. I will definitely have to write their stories down somewhere, I’m afraid if it stays in my head and only my head, I’ll slowly forget some good ideas…

I did say I was gonna draw my personal characters more this year but this is the only non-sketch drawing I’ve done of any of them and we are near to the middle of 2022 already 😭
I’m also in the process of making a new character soon, she’s still in the drafting stages but I feel like she’s almost ready to share too!

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