Just a little archive of some of my favourite Dreams creations, I’m limiting to just to original creations and I may make another post dedicated to my fan-made possibly in the future.


Abbi was one of my first creations on Dreams, she was one of the characters I created during my Game Development course.

She is a retro-future inspired human with a sassy attitude.
You can read more about Abbi’s creation origins here

I did plan to make a 3D platformer/shooter for her, but the logic was a little too hard for me to implement and the project was scrapped.

Skylet and the World of Azure

The character Skylet and the world of Azure were also concepts created during my Game Development course. The project was a part of the “Pirates Community Jam” that reached the top 25%.

Skylet is an anthropomorphic Seagull with a thirst for adventure wherever she goes.

Tycro & Iris

Tycro and Iris are some of the very first characters that I created during secondary school, they have been through many different iterations as I continued to learn the art fundamentals.

Tycro is an anthropomorphic Armadillo Girdled Lizard who has a keen eye for technology.
Iris is an anthropomorphic Skunk who is always carrying a positive attitude regardless of the situation.


Last but not least is Avadee, she was created last year in 2020 to be the mascot for all my music productions for the foreseeable future.

She is an android DJ who loves to collect EDM music, she’s built with her primary directive to entertain those around her.

I haven’t made anything in Dreams in a hot minute, but I saw a friend stream it for the first time and made me want to start making things in it again. Now that I have a PS5, the entire process overall might be smoother? I guess time will tell!

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