Octo DJ – Mariana animation [Updated]

19th July 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

Original Upload [November 2020]

I animated Marina from Splatoon 2

Marina from Splatoon 2

No rhyme or reason why I just really wanted to do it. Maybe I’m getting nostalgic for the Splatoon series and I wanted to animate something too.

🎡 Music used 🎡

🎡 Sometimes I forget how much of a bop the Splatoon tunes are 🎡

That being said, because I’ve been animating a lot recently I’m thinking of opening commissions for animated characters soon so be sure to keep posted or message me if you’re interested! πŸ‘€

Update [July 2021]:

I repurposed this into an animated wallpaper using Wallpaper Engine on Steam (thanks to OnlyJokey for gifting me this as an early birthday gift!)

I think anything and everything I animate from now on, I’ll also make it into a wallpaper!

(I keep on finding new interests and hobbies this year: Typography, Logo Design, 3D Modeling, etc. I gotta try my best not to overwhelm myself πŸ‘€)

If you have Wallpaper Engine on Steam, you can view it here

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