Guilty Gear – Giovanna

12th April 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

I have never ever played a Guilty Gear game in my life but damn, I had to draw Giovanna. Her design is too top tier not to draw! 💚
I remember that the internet took quite a liking to her back in 2020, I’m late to the party as always…

Comparison (Drag me!)

Don’t ask me about the Legoshi alt, I just went with it 👀
On the same note, I notice the more I don’t take a drawing too seriously, the more I enjoy drawing it?

Despite the meme-ish nature of this drawing, I’m really proud of this???
This is like my favourite drawing I’ve done this year so far, though the year is still young so there’s still time for there to be a new favourite.

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