Lulabeas’ Tarot Drop (Game Jam)

20th October 2023 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

I participated in a 3-day game jam a few days ago and produced a Pachinko game that generates a random board every time you play! You can play the game here

The main reason why I joined the jam is because I wanted to make a small game to export to Google Play so I could understand how to export games to Google Play in the future, I’m going to continue working on this game and polish it before I upload it to Google Play and I will try my best not to over-scope as I don’t want to distract myself and get too attached this project as I’ve done that with too many projects in the past.

Lulabea is actually a scrapped idea I had planned while making Gat-Pon, she was meant to be a rival character to Avadee. Avadee was inspired by Clowns and Ragdoll toys, whereas Haliquins and Jesters inspired Lulabea. I threw her design together in a day, so I didn’t have time to iterate much, though I am happy with her foundation and she will continue to be worked on.

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