[New track] – Coastal Waves

31st July 2022 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

Sorry to keep yall waiting!

This track has been in development hell for a while but after a few months, it is now finished!
This is the 5th and final track for my 5th Jungle EP: “RADIATE“! (Previously known as Avadee)

Now with RADIATE wrapped up, it’s time to start EP NO.6! I won’t share too much but I’ve already started the theming of the EP by testing out what art style to use with some sketches here and there and even a possible colour pallet theme!
This is gonna be fun I can tell!

Shouldn’t be long before RADIATE is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon Music and more! Stay tuned! 🎵

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