The Pac is back!

So two games that caught my attention got shadow-dropped on one of Nintendo’s recent presentations, I got so hyped that I almost passed out, no kidding! Never would I thought I’d see both Pac-Man and Bomberman announced at the same time!

♪ Pac-Man World Title Screen ♪

And with a new game announcement, it gives me an excuse to flex my creative muscles and create more logo concepts! The concepts I made were meant to be more in line with traditional Pac-Man logos such as the original world trilogy and one logo that combines the current mainline logo with the world ascetic.

I normally render the art in Affinity Designer and then animate it in Moho. However, this was my very first project where Pac himself was drawn AND fully animated in Moho! (The sketches were still made in Procreate) I would still prefer to make the layers in Affinity first but for a first attempt, I’m happy with how the Pacster turned out!

We achieved a first with the Logo as well! The logo was rendered in Affinity Designer as normal and then animated in Moho, this was the first time I’ve animated a logo in Moho and after this project, it won’t be the last for sure!

Animated Pac-Man Logo

I also gave the Moho physic feature a go for the first time to animate the fruit spawning out of the logo, was a pain to figure out how to get the fruit to bounce once and fall off the screen but we got there eventually.

Physic-based fruit

I also created an animated background for this too, I was gonna leave it black like the original intro screen but something Pac-Man sitting in a back void didn’t sit right with me.

Animated BG

As for my personal thoughts on the game, truth be told I’m a bit sceptical atm. We had some gameplay shown to us a few days ago and already Pac’s movements don’t look as responsive as they did in the original and he doesn’t seem as animated as he did compared to his PS1 counterpart which is kinda disheartening, hopefully, the game has a little more time in development and issues like this are ironed out.

I’m just so happy that the world franchise is back, I never thought I’d see the day but soon, I’ll see my yellow friend bouncing into my life again!

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