Ratchet & and Clank Rift Apart Rivet PS PlayStation UK Collab Commission

The PlayStation Ratchet and Clank Collaboration

12th June 2021 By Perri T.F. (TeckGeck)

Before we get into this post, everything I write here is my own opinions and has not been influenced by any external party.

So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been restricting some super exciting news, I’ve been dying to spill the beans for soooo long!

@PlayStation UK contacted me and asked me to produce some fan art to help promote the upcoming video game “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart”.
Also Twitch streamers Inelious and HerNameIsMelula streamed the game on the 12th of June.

What did I say?
HECK FRICKEN YESSSS!!! (Well, I might be over-exaggerating a little)

Ratchet & Clank has been a childhood classic of mine since 2002 and it continues to be one of my favourite franchises of all time! For PlayStation themselves to reach out to me and ask for a collab with me is honestly a dream come true! ❤❤❤

Social Media Post

PlayStation and Insomniac Games even sent me some Limited edition Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart goods as well as a code for the game that I gave away on Twitch yesterday as an additional thank you!

I’ve been playing the game so far and I’ve been having a blast with it so far!
I still can’t get over this collaboration and I don’t think I will for a while… Thanks again PlayStation for this wonderful opportunity! ❤🔧🤖

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